No matter what stage you are at with your book
- from idea to finished manuscript -
we can help get your book published and distributed.
Through our American Academic Press division, we work with professors in all fields
to get their text and supplemental books published and in the hands of students across the world. No matter what field your book is in –physical sciences, social sciences, business or in the humanities – we have the expertise to produce and distribute your book.
Through our North American Business Press Books division, we work with practitioners
to get their books published and in the hands of professionals across the world. We work with executives and consultants in all different fields to make your book idea a reality.     

We offer the highest royalties in the industry
We offer worldwide distribution
We can produce your book in a matter of weeks
We have produced over 3,500 manuscripts
We have a staff with advanced degrees from schools like Duke and Cornell
We have strong partnerships with Amazon, Barnes and Noble, National Association of College Stores, and the Bookstore Consortium