North American Business Press is a specialized publishing firm
dedicated to helping authors disseminate their work. Our mission is:

    "To impact the lives of academic scholars and professional practitioners through the tireless effort of publishing,
promoting and disseminating their work in a manner consistent with generally accepted principles of the industry. Through a rigorous review process, we help authors disseminate their ideas around the world.” 

    The backbone for any publishing organization is having an abundant flow of
quality journal and book manuscripts. Over the years, North American Business Press (NABP) and
North American Academic Press (NAAP) have continued to enjoy an influx of submissions, resulting in high quality
products. We are proud to have recently surpassed 3,500 published manuscripts.

95 of the top universities have had researchers publish with us
Over 30 years of publishing experience
Over 200 manuscript reviewers
Over 3,500 journal manuscripts published
Contributing authors are from 40 different countries
Have had a 40% increase in citation rates over the last five years